Monday, August 24, 2009

Super Size Me-In Reverse

A couple of years ago, I was traumatized when I watched the documentary "Super Size Me". The basic idea of the documentary, if you have not already seen it, is that the film maker is going to eat at McDonald's every day for 30 days-breakfast, lunch and dinner. He is relatively healthy, having a vegan girlfriend and working out often at the gym. (To the best of my recollection because it has been a while since I have seen the movie).

The documentary maker goes to see a number of doctors who run tests on him before he began his fast food diet, as well as throughout the thirty days and beyond. Throughout the thirty days, he gains weight, starts to throw up, loses his breath, and doesn't feel well. Based off of test results, his doctors advise him to quit his experiment, but he keeps on the fast food diet.

At one point one doctor stated that theoretically we know that a high fat diet can cause liver damage in the same way that alcohol causes liver damage, but the doctor states in shock that he has actually never seen it done within a thirty day period.

The documentary had such a lasting impact on me that I cut back on eating most of my fast food. I won't lie that it completely stopped me from eating fast food, but ever since I saw that movie there has been something in the back of my mind every time that I go through a drive through.

Now I would like to do the opposite. I would like to document my health pre-marathon and post-marathon. I'd like to compare and contrast how I look and feel, as well as how my health has improved between now and after my marathon in December. And I'd like to document it all on my blog.

Over the next week, I would like to do the following:
  1. Upload a current picture of myself
  2. Measure myself and post my measurements
  3. Post my current weight
  4. Make a doctor's appointment and ask him to run a series of tests: cholesterol, fasting blood sugar, etc. (Any suggestions?) I'm going to tell him all about my little blog adventure and I am sure that he will be highly entertained.
  5. Delineate the health problems that I suffer from-small and large.
I am so excited to be taking this journey! Putting it in writing in a public way is really motivating for me!


  1. Hi there! I am looking forward to reading your blogs about your journey! Thanks for checking out my blog. It is so much more motivating to have people read what you write, don't you think? Where is your marathon going to be? I always wanted to do a marathon! Maybe I will!

  2. Yes, it is so much more motivating! The marathon is going to be in Honolulu. If I am going to go on a marathon, you better bet your bottom dollar that it is going to be in a fab place like Hawaii!!

  3. A few years ago, my Aunt turned 40 and decided that she wanted to change some things in her life. She decided to run/walk a marathon and she did it. She was a "more to love" gal and was so proud of herself! Actually, it was in Honolulu, too! I totally agree about doing it in a fab place! I think I would do it in Dublin or somewhere in Europe.


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