Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hello Out There! This is Me...

I am really excited that this is my very first blog post! I feel that I am taking a HUGE step in changing my current lifestyle and becoming a better person. I'm ready to take that next step and address some issues that I have not been dealing with for a long time.

So allow me to introduce myself. (Not that there is anyone reading!). Maybe, just maybe, one of these days I will have a few readers and will find a space where I can have an online support system.

Who Am I?
I am a 33 year old woman residing in California who works as a manager in the field of education. I am in a very high stress job and would definitely classify myself as a MAJOR workaholic. I do not have any children, yet I have been in a loving relationship for the past twelve years. I am not sure if I want to get married or ever have children. I think I do, but I am confused. I suppose that is why I am here--to explore these issues.

I am currently over 100 pounds overweight and have been overweight for the past nine years or so. A year after I started teaching was when I first started to get fat. The last I checked (i.e., yesterday) I weighed 252 pounds. A couple of months ago I was at my heaviest, weighing 259 pounds. I am tired of feeling exhausted, tired of feeling embarrassed and tired of feeling out of breath and unhealthy.

I sometimes wonder if I sometimes suffer from depression issues because I tend to crash and burn. I have horrible eating patterns-I binge eat and I eat tons of fast food. I don't know how to cook and I don't want to learn. I don't sleep much although I know that I should.

I am fed up. I want nothing more than to feel happy and healthy. I just want to be at peace. As they always say, nothing will get better until we make long-term changes to our lifestyle and I am finally ready to do so.

Why Am I Here?
I am here to find physical, emotional, mental, psychological and spiritual peace. I am here to blog out my heart and soul and hopefully find other people who want to take a similar journey towards changing their lives. It's been a couple of months that I have been trying to lose weight and become more healthy, and it is hard. I feel like giving up all the time.

What Am I Going to Talk About?
I'm starting my blog to document my struggles and successes with weight loss and healthy eating as I prepare to walk a marathon in December in Hawaii. I've never walked a marathon before, am over 100 pounds overweight and have had minimal exercise over the past ten years, so this ought to be interesting.

Please feel free to leave me comments-I need encouragement!


  1. Writing is the best therapy; Walking is the best exercise! You go girl (and you can be my inspiration . . . Liz xxx

  2. I love this first post! It reminds me of me! I feel I can really relate.


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