Sunday, August 23, 2009

Marathon Walking Training and All That Jazz

Today I was able to walk 4.5 miles!! It actually does seem to be getting easier because this is the first week that I have walked on Sunday and I am not completely knocked out from exhaustion. Maybe it also has something to do with the fact that I slept seven hours last night and the other weekends I had only slept about 5 miles. Nonetheless, it was easier for me.

It seems that I am a little ahead of the schedule for the marathon walking! I am not supposed to walk the 4 miles on the weekends until week 2, but I was able to do it today. It looks as if I am going to be heading into the second week of marathon walking training after all.

This week my walking schedule will be the following:

Monday: 15 minutes walk or rest (I will try to walk the 15 min)
Tuesday: 3 mile brisk walk
Wednesday: yoga
Thursday: 3 mile moderate walk
Friday: yoga
Saturday: 4 miles endurance walk
Sunday: 4 miles endurance walk

I haven't yet figured out the difference between what is a brisk walk versus a moderate walk?! Beats me. I also haven't figured out anything else to do for the cross-training except yoga.

One thing that I did today while I was out on my walk was take a couple of pictures of me, which I will upload to the blog as soon as possible. I want a visual of what I look like now and maybe I will upload another midway and after the marathon. Sometime this week I would also like to take a few measurements of my body and upload them here so that I can keep track of my weight loss.

It appears that any day now I might possibly have to buy some new walking shoes. I'm going to investigate some of the brands. This blog is also really motivating me, because I want to walk and take pictures so that I can blog about it. Whatever works, right?

P.S. I haven't had to take an excedrin since Friday, so maybe my walking is helping with my headaches and my energy levels after all!
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