Friday, November 27, 2009

How Many Times Do I Need to Pick Myself Up Again??

Yay for me! So I've finally decided to get my butt back in gear and try to start walking again. I had to start slow today by only walking thirty minutes because my foot is not feeling well and I want to take it easy.

I've been noticing that I am back to huffing and puffing again and that in one month's time I have lost my stamina just for walking. Oh well, I'll get it back.

My post last night about my aversion to shopping really made me think hard about how what a dilemma this can be if I am not going grocery shopping. I definitely can't lose weight if I am not eating well and going grocery shopping. This, I suppose, is something that I will have to explore further on another day.

In the meantime, have a great weekend.


  1. You'll get your groove back...Stella did. Anyways, I was thinking about your aversion to grocery shopping. Perhaps shopping causes too much anxiety because you are not only forced to take time for yourself (you are a workaholic) but it forces you to make choices about good versus "bad" food. Maybe if you reframed it, you would look at it differently.

  2. Go go girl...we should compare notes one of my blogs is about trying to keep myself honest and note my actually attempts at working out...There was a day when! Bravo on walking it is great!

  3. Jules, so once I get my ass in gear am I gonna get myself a big new hunk too?


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