Monday, November 23, 2009

Good Work News!!

I'm really excited! Today I met with a publisher (no, not an annoying one like the one that I blogged about before who wanted to shove bad food down my throat). Anyhow, I met with the publisher today and it looks as if I am going to potentially be a contributing writer for one of their language arts curriculums!

I am going to keep my fingers and toes crossed, hoping that the deal doesn't fall through. This will be my first time doing something like this and so I am really excited about it!

Of course my co-workers picked a Mexican restaurant to talk business over lunch. I just caved and had a tostada and an enchilada. Oh well! It could be worse.

Well, if I get this gig then I am definitely going to need to make sure that I exercise so that I can manage my stress from my regular job as well as this freelance work.

Wish me luck that it doesn't follow through!!!!!!!!

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