Thursday, November 26, 2009

Am I The Only One Who Has an Aversion to Shopping?

I HATE shopping. I'm not messing around here. I really, really hate shopping. In fact, I think that I am one of the only women that I know who hates shopping as much as I do. I will literally wear my shoes until they have a hole in them or until my pants are too faded to look professional before I actually go and buy something.

What really bothers me about the whole thing is the amount of time that it takes. It's just way to time consuming for me to go to the mall, find a parking space, walk around and try on tons of outfits that hardly ever fit well. I usually end up being more depressed when I am walking around and trying on outfits because I am always in between two sizes and everything is either too big and frumpy or two tight.

My aversion to shopping for clothes started spilling over into shopping for other things. I think that one of my main reasons why I can't get my eating habits ironed out is because I HATE going to the grocery store. I was just thinking about this the other day-am I really okay with being fat because it is easier to drive through a fast food place instead of taking thirty minutes of my time to go to the grocery store? I think that I have identified a main culprit of me being overweight-I HATE going grocery shopping.

Why am I ranting about all of this? Well, because my boyfriend just asked me if I would go to the black Friday after-Thanksgiving sales tomorrow. Hell no! I told him, "I hate shopping so much and I just wish that I could get everything mailed to me so that I don't have to go to the store anymore".

My little brain started ticking and for some strange reason I looked online at Amazon. I saw that they have great "black Friday" deals, and the great thing is that they are all week long. It appears that Amazon uploads them and changes deals every couple of hours. I was looking at some of the exercise equipment because as I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I am possibly looking to start getting equipment for my house.

They look like they have deals on all sorts of stuff! They had the Mad Men Season 2 for only $20 and I just actually bought it yesterday for $50. You see? You see what happens to me when I actually do go to the store? Check out some of the deals here if you are just like me and you want a good deal, but you hate going to the store. Their deals are supposed to be all week long, like I said.

As I was looking through the deals at Amazon, I also noticed that they sell food. How could it be that I have bought books all these years on Amazon, and I never noticed that? I actually even saw that I can buy Silk soy milk and have it delivered. Am I in heaven, or what? But wait--how does something like that work? What happens if you order something that is frozen or needs to be refrigerated? I'll have to investigate that. Too bad they don't have fresh vegetables that can't be delivered directly to my door, right? Okay, I've digressed.

Anyhow, I can't believe I am so excited about some of the black Friday deals over at Amazon. Check it our yourselves by clicking here when you get a chance. Remember to keep checking back every so often because they change.

Have a happy Friday!!

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  1. j23j
    I hate shopping too, is something abnormal, but I agree with this post, specially with the part about the aversion issue. Most of the people can't understand my awful situation, is like an ill. I need help because I really can't buy anything, the aversion therapy is a form of psychological treatment in which the patient is exposed to a stimulus while simultaneously being subjected to some form of discomfort, according with this... we're in troubles dear blogger.


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