Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Planned Slipups

I've been dying for this "Harvest Pie" that they sell at Coco's Restaurant starting every October. So far this year I have managed to maintain my composure and I haven't set foot in a Coco's Restaurant for a while now, because I just knew that I would break down and have a big, sugary slice of pie.

Well tonight, my friends, I am going to Coco's and I am going to eat the biggest piece of pie that they've got in the place. I am going to allow myself this slice once this November and maybe again on Thanksgiving day. In December I'm allowing myself two slices as well.

So, if I go missing in action, you know that I definitely had a sugar attack and am somewhere bouncing off of the ceiling after eating all the sugar. Yummiiieeeee!!

1 comment:

  1. You need to allow yourself these sweet treats so you don't feel deprived! If you don't give yourself what you really really want...you will keep searching for it in other foods. From experience, this will lead to overeating because nothing is "hitting the spot." Do you know what I mean? This is a great plan...a "planned slip-up!" I love it. You are making boundaries with your food by doing this!


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