Monday, November 23, 2009


Why oh why am I continuing to walk on a hurt leg? Yesterday my boyfriend said, "Suck it up and just keep walking. Walk through the pain". Hmm, and today he's going to get it because my leg is killing me!

Just for that, I HOPE (hint, hint) that an exercise bike shows up on my doorstep any time before now and Christmas.

For the record, I KNOW that we should stop and take a break when we are hurt. My boyfriend has been trying to help me stay on the wagon and sometimes has to act like a task master in order to get me to exercise. Sometimes I whine so much and make too many excuses about why I can't exercise, so logically I think that he thinks that my hurt foot and leg is all in my imagination.

Note to self: Stop whining about things because when you are really hurt or not feeling well, people don't believe you. In the meantime, cut back on your food and start going to yoga until your leg feels better. But wouldn't it be so much better if I could have an exercise bike right in my living room? (Hint, hint, hint).

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