Monday, September 14, 2009

Starting Over, Sort Of

Okay, I admit it! If you have been wondering where I disappeared to….well, I basically fell off the wagon. I’m NOT going to feel guilty about it. No I won’t. Maybe if I keep telling myself that enough times, I’ll eventually believe it.

I don’t exactly know what happened. I was doing pretty well with my walking routine and then suddenly-poof-the walking ended. I didn’t walk for practically a whole week, I had a HORRIBLE menstrual period, I pigged out all week to my delight. Then on Sunday I woke my lazy ass up and got back in control of myself.

The funny thing is that although I didn’t walk for almost a week, I still was able to walk for 5 miles and I still think that I could have walked more. So, at least the week long hiatus didn’t set me back physically.

But I have noticed that I gained back the weight that I had lost. I don’t know exactly how much I have gained back, because I am really trying to NOT look at the scale. It is so much more self-defeating when I am constantly weighing myself. So I suppose that I am just going to have to trust my instincts that I have gained weight.

I have so much that I want to blog about, but I am going to have a very long and tough week. I will post here and there and try to stay updated. See ya soon.


  1. I am so happy you are back! I missed your updates and indeed wondered, "how is she doing?" I even told my sister that I missed my "blog-friend." We have to take a few steps back sometimes in order to move forward (I am sure you heard that somewhere before.) Congrats on the 5 miles! Terrific!

  2. Way to get back into it! It's easy to go off course and just never come back, but you did. Great job with the 5 miles!

  3. Thanks you two! Wew! I need the encouragement!!


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