Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Accomplishments this Week

I'm feeling pretty proud of myself today because I have somewhat accomplished something over the past two days.

Yesterday in the morning I went to see my yoga instructor for a weight loss session. In the past I worked with her over stress issues when she hypnotized me and I think it kind of worked, so I contacted her again to see what she could do to help me with getting ready for the marathon.

Our coaching session yesterday just revolved around what I should eat. I told her that I thought I had some sort of autoimmune disease or something that is making me feel sick. She said, "Let's ask the pendulum" and she swung around a pendulum. "Nope, it's all in your head", she said. Now I had a hard time believing a pendulum when it comes to my health, but hell-whatever is gonna make me feel better.

She worked with me to visualize what I am going to eat for the week and what I was going to buy at the health food store. Afterwards I went over to the health food store and bought tons of organic vegetables, tofu and salmon. I've never had organic fruit or veggies and I have never cooked fish for myself before!

For lunch I only ate a bowl of veggies with humus and some nuts. I was so surprised to see how much it filled me up. For dinner I cooked salmon and veggies and it was really delicious! I was absolutely surprised to find how quick and easy it was to cook salmon. It cooked even faster than chicken. It definitely occurred to me that I had my entire meal cooked in probably the same amount of time that it would have taken me to drive to a restaurant.

At my coaching session we identified that in the past I would go out to dinner with my friends in order to destress. So now I have got to find some new ways that I can destress!

Later in the evening I returned for an actual yoga session. About six years ago I took about eight private yoga classes, and I haven't done any yoga since then. It was amazing to me how easy it was for me to jump back in to the poses. I actually think that in a couple more sessions that I can move past the beginning class.

In the yoga class, I felt one brief moment of ecstasy as I sat there in a still pose. I want to feel like that all the time. It gave me some flashbacks of the ways that my body would feel so sensual and powerful in the past when I took the private lessons. I'm definitely going to go back to another class to see if I can refine my practice. It wasn't very physically vigorous, but it definitely will help me unwind, relax and improve my flexibility.

To top it all off, this morning I went over to the lab and took my blood tests that my doctor ordered a couple of weeks ago. So in the next couple of days I should know my fasting blood sugar levels and my cholesterol levels. I am a little excited about it because I want to test myself now, and test myself again later after I walk the marathon. I want to see if there is an actual decrease in numbers.

And guess what I am doing today? I signed up for an acupuncture session. I am a little nervous because I don't know if it is going to hurt with those needles poking out of me. I've heard that it helps with stress and pain relief. I'm pretty desperate at this point to make myself feel physically better. Wish me luck! I will keep you updated!


  1. Congrats on your accomplishments! That is so great. I really want to get into yoga! I've had acupunture before and it doesn't hurt (in my experience). The technique was painless...you shouldn't feel more than some pressure or maybe a quick prick, but no pain! I even had them sticking from my ears. It is more the anticipation I think because who really wants needles sticking out of your face, right?

  2. That sounds great! It sounds like you are approaching your health in a holistic way which works very well for many. Good luck with the acupuncture, I'm interested in how it turns out. Have a great day!

  3. Can't wait to hear about the acupuncture! And you've inspired me to go get some fresh salmon for dinner. <3

    ~Jenn (Ex Hot Girl)


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