Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Children's Health Magazine

I don't even have children, so I can't figure out exactly why I am so excited about a children's magazine that I found at the grocery store this evening. Maybe it's because I am an educator, and have seen my share of obese or unhealthy kids. Or maybe it's because I am the product of a single mother who was too busy working too much throughout my childhood to actually teach me how to have healthy food and exercise habits. Perhaps it's because topics related to health and wellbeing are catching more of my interest, I dunno. Nonetheless I am excited about it.

The editors of Men's Health and Women's Health just released the first (I think?) issue of Children's Health magazine. It's on the news stands as we speak. I haven't yet been able to figure out if this is just a one shot thing, or whether this is going to evolve into a monthly magazine. I've only had the opportunity to flip through the magazine this evening and the topics range from nutrition, exercise, health, vaccines, parenting, child psychology, etc.

I wish that I would have learned from my parents how to have better healthy living habits. Maybe when I have my own children I will be a better example of living a healthy lifestyle.

If I read anything interesting, I'll share the info in the near future!!


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