Sunday, September 27, 2009

Selling the Lie

Today I saw something on television that really ticked me off and annoyed me.

There I was, minding my own business, trying to relax after my nice, long, relaxing four mile walk. I was chugging down a cold glass of water when a commercial on television came on.

I can't recollect if it was a Sprite or a 7up commercial, but the whole commercial's tagline was "Get your antioxidants". It showed a picture of a clear soft drink with something red in it and was flashing "antioxidants" in red across the screen.

Antioxidants? Um, I don't think so!! Rather, how corn syrup with a little itty bitty splash of cranberry concentrate. Sugar, sugar and sugar. And whatever else crap they put in those drinks.

It's bad enough that this country has a major problem with obesity and poor health, and now advertisers are repackaging what is bad for us and slapping a healthy label on it?

On a positive note, one thought that went through my head was, "Well people must want to get healthy if the large corporations are using health terms to market their poison to us". Yep, I said it. Poison. You know it's not good for you; I know it's not good for me, but we still have a problem with drinking all that crap, right? But do we really want children being brought up on the idea that these drinks are healthy for you?

Here's another diet coke video that I found online with a similar theme:


  1. That is a piss off. I thought that's why the cereal companies were forced to stop advertising to kids (so kids wouldn't be duped into thinking that Lucky Charms was a breakfast of champions with a cool prize inside). Ugh, I guess it's just up to us to use our own common sense.

  2. Speaking of lucky charms, check out my post that I am about to write in like one minute.


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