Tuesday, December 29, 2009

More End of the Year Reflections

Yesterday I posted one reflection that I have made this year as I have been on my struggle towards living a healthier lifestyle, and I am going to continue to write a couple of reflections and lessons learned until the new year starts!

Today's reflection is about-acid reflux and constipation. Yes, you read correctly. Boy have I learned a lesson about these two topics! This might be kind of gross, if you are one of those fidgety type of people.

As I have fell off the wagon a couple of times, I have noticed that when I gain my weight back and get to a certain weight (256 pounds to be exact), I have severe acid reflux. In the past six months this has happened to me about three or four times.

The first time this happened, I was in a hotel and the only thing that would alleviate the heartburn was tums, pepto bismol and pepcid. And believe me, I popped the pills like crazy because I was desperate. And then...I couldn't poop at all. I mean, I really couldn't poop. Nothing. I had to go and get a laxative and I was so constipated and compacted that I...well, you REALLY don't want to hear all of the details. Trust me! Oh, and by the way-don't ever get a laxative if you are constipated because all it does is just push what you can barely get out of you. Instead you need to get a stool softener type laxative.

Later I looked online and I found out that overuse of antacids might cause constipation.

As if I didn't learn from the first time, this holiday season I have hit that magical weight again and last week I started having acid reflux again. I was in so much pain and so desperate that I started popping the meds that I mentioned before and lo and behold-I was all stopped up again! But this time it was worse because I had also been stuffing myself with holiday treats and I'm sure that the tons of fatty food and cheese plugged me up even more!

Well, this time I tried to unplug myself naturally, by eating tons of high fiber foods, beans, and taking metamucil. Nothing was working. It was so horribly painful the first time that I went to the bathroom and I either tore something or have a huge, broken hemroids because...well, just trust me.

For days and days I took fiber pills, ate high fiber food, drank metamucil, ate tons and tons of beans and veggies and nothing has really been working. I am still in severe pain and honestly might go to the doctor if the bleeding doesn't stop soon. One thing that I have noticed is that my stools are softening up just a tiny bit but whatever I busted inside of me is just making me miserable with pain.

I started walking again and dropped two pounds and the acid reflux suddenly disappeared. I have noticed that after thirty minutes of walking that I need to immediately go to the bathroom, although it is very difficult and painful to pass stools. I am going to keep up with the walking and high fiber until my poor little behind feels better.

Lessons learned:
  • Losing even a tiny bit of weight curbs my acid reflux. Why don't I just keep on losing it so that I don't have to deal with this again?
  • Walking helps me go to the bathroom when I am constipated. They've always said that exercise keeps us regular, right?
  • I should never take antacids again unless I also do double duty fiber therapy at the same time. But if I keep my weight down and eat well, I won't have to take anything.
  • If I eat well in the first place, I will keep myself regular and won't have to deal with this nonsense!
Now that I've grossed some of you out-have a great day!!


  1. I so hear you. I think I finally have those issues under control. I hope, anyways.

  2. Have you had your thyroid checked recently? Hypothyroidism can cause or contribute to weight gain, constipation, and a host of other symptoms. Recently, the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists released new treatment guidelines for hypothyroidism treatment. It can't hurt to have this checked. It also can't hurt to ask your doctor if he/she is familiar with the new AACE guidelines when you have the test done.

  3. Thanks for your feedback!

    I just had my thyroid checked a couple of months ago and it was fine!


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