Saturday, June 5, 2010

Getting Stuff in Order

My house is a complete disaster! Trust me!! I am absolutely embarrassed about how disgustingly messy and ridiculous that I have let it get. That just goes to show that I must really be depressed or something, because I can't think of a non-depressed person who would actually tolerate the way that I have been living.

They always say that our environment affects our mood, and that if the house is completely messy then it will affect the way that we feel. Well, the house certainly only makes me feel worse. And for six months now I have been promising to clean it up and I just haven't.

Back in December I bought verizon fios television and they were supposed to install it, but I keep calling and canceling because the house is such a mess. Finally they are coming today. And here I am, scrambling to try to clean up, waking up very early so that I can have about four hours to clean before they get here.

Yesterday they told me that I need to let them get into the garage to install a battery and I almost canceled because well, quite frankly my garage is an embarrassment. I somehow suspect that these people might have just seen it all and probably could care less about what my house looks like though.

I took pics that I want to post, but I am really embarrassed to put them on the blog. Once I get enough courage, I will do so.

I know that I need to clean, because I know that feeling horrible about my living environment certainly doesn't help me feel better about myself in order to get better with my health.

Wish me luck at cleaning today!!


  1. Good luck and welcome back!

  2. I haven't read "part 2 yet"....but let me say this. I think our environment is the PRODUCT of how we feel on the inside. I think cleaning house to feel better is like cleaning the outside of a cup you are going to drink out of. Start with what's going on INSIDE of yourself and the state of your house will reflect that. Doing things to make the outside look better will do nothing to "fix" the heart of the matter (pun intended).

    Now for Part 2...

  3. these words ring SO true to my life!
    especailly I think our environment is the PRODUCT of how we feel on the inside

    thank you for your honesty


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